Saturday, 28 June 2014


Hello Salala viewers!! The road trip was lovely!! I definitely recommend getting your car and just going and visiting a place you haven't been before. Now looking online to hunt for some bargains and I can confidently say I have found the perfect crop top from RIVER ISLAND(<--follow link) .
It has stripes so gives that summer vibe,it's assymetric plus it only costs £10!! Its perfection and of course I immediately purchased it!!!

I also added via my new polyvore account some inspo looks to help you style this amazing find. 

You can find the details of all the looks HERE

Can't wait for the top to arrive. 

Hope you liked this post and I would like to see your bargain finds by leaving a comment below. 

Have a lovely day.

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Hello Salala viewers!! I have officially survived my first week working full time in a proper graduate job. I do enjoy my new role but must confess 7am wake-up everyday is brutal ha! It has been an intense week getting to grips with new procedures , programmes etc. but I am glad that other graduates started at the same time so we are all on the same boat. 
Anyhow today I am off for a roadtrip!!
I have lived in UK for the last 3 years but they are loads of places I want to visit. I love driving through English countryside. I believe its breathtaking just fields and fields of green!!

 So in regards to outfit choice I have opted for something casual but always feminine.

high waisted jeans: River Island
Polka-dot blouse : Monsoon
white cardigan : Marks&Spencer
thin belt : Primark 

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Friday, 20 June 2014


Hey Salala people! It's Fridayyyyy, time to get our party mood on. Are you doing anything exciting? I think I am just gonna go in town for a few (nothing crazyyy ... well we will see ha). Today I  have some new summer favourites I wanna share with all of you.

My three favourite pairs of sunnies
Of course Marc Jacobs Daisy
My Michael Kors bag. Can wear it with anything plus it's a handy size

And my new phone. Used to have samsung galaxy S3 and now have entered the S5 familia with no regrets. Only have it for the last couple of days and love it. Especially the fact that the battery lasts for so long !! 

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Thursday, 19 June 2014


Hello Salala viewers hope you are well.The weather has been amazing the last couple of days here in Manchester and I never thought I would say this but actually got a natural tan in UK !! Its certainly an unusual sight here to walk around and see that everyone has a red nose or face cause of the sun.  Today I am going out in town . Think we will hang around in an outdoor pub and then go for a meal. 
Will try to hint for Chinese cause haven't had it for agessss ha.
As you will see decided 
to wear (somehow again) a total white/cream look . 
These white lace shorts were bought last summer from H&M and I just love them!!I think because they are so easy to wear since the material is more comfortable than my other denim shorts .Note you can dress them up with heels or down with a printed lose t-shirt and trainers.

white lace shorts : H&M
white collared blouse : MANGO
shoes : NEXT 
glasses: RAY-BAN
bag: Michael Kors

Have a great day the weekend is almost here

The Salala Girl 

Tuesday, 17 June 2014


Hey Salala people!! Every season I tend to be captivated with a particular colour.Don't know why but I just do! For instance, in the winter time I was all about baby pink. I think because I just saw it just everywhere as fashionistas, celebs , bloggers etc were wearing it. So this summer time I believe it will be all about the blues. 
Below I am wearing a lovely summer dress I bought from New Look last summer , of course my new white Espadrilles from Next and a blue BarryM nail polish (get it here
 A girlie , cute and summery look!!
Don't you agree?

Have a fabulous day .
Talk to you soon again. 

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Monday, 16 June 2014


Hello Salala viewers!! The other day I had a great family day out. Lately we have all been so busy so it was nice that we could spend some quality time together. We first went for shopping and then for a meal to an American Restaurant called Coast To Coast . Must admit I don't think I have ever eaten so much in my life , but in a way it was a special occasion, right?! 
In regards to shopping we mostly visited shops with athletic gear as both of my brothers wanted new trainers. 
I got bored so decided to wonder off by myself to NEXT .There I saw these lovely white espadrilles for only £16 . I tried them on, I saw myself in the mirror and  I think within 5 minutes I was out of the shop with a new pair of shoes ha! 

Let's just say I didn't wonder off to other shops that day cause I know myself, if I like something- especially if its reasonably priced- I just buy it!
(No remorse ladies) 

I will probably style them with summer dresses or denim ripped jeans.  
To view the shoes  CLICK HERE

What do you think about them ?
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Sunday, 15 June 2014


Hello Salala people!! After exams I have a lot more free time so I have decided to make a few improvements in my room. 
First of all my make up was all over the place (literally). Every clutch, every small bag had a lipstick, an eye pencil, a brush , a concealer... you get my point!!
For this reason I thought to gather all of the make-up I own in one single drawer. 
As you will see below the final result was successful.
This was certainly a really easy D.I.Y project. I just used old shoe boxes to form small dividers and covered them with magazine paper.Now every day I just open the drawer and I can immediately find what I am looking for.  
Pretty and practical!

Secondly, I love the smell of fresh flowers. When I was tanning in the garden I spotted some beautiful pink roses. And yeah against my mum's wishes I cut them(oops!). 
I have now put them in a tall clear vase next to my mirrored jewellery box. 

What do you think about these bedroom details? 

Let me know below.

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Saturday, 14 June 2014


Hello Salala viewers!! I am excited for today's post as I will be showing you my most recent purchase. 
Lately I have been obsessing over total white looks. 
Even though white is a really flattering colour during the summer season - as it enhances your tan- I believe that it is also kinda 'tricky'. The reason is that a lot of white pieces I have tried on or have seen on other people tend to be see-through. I know what you would say well just go for nude underwear(daaa!!). 
But let's be honest ladies sometimes not even underwear can solve the issue. 

So when I went for shopping a few days ago in Topshop and found this white skirt I just had to have it!!  It's just the perfect length and certainly not see-through, as the fabric is slightly thicker. Its just a classic white item that I will be wearing a lot mostly with crop tops and bralets (so be prepared for more post featuring this skirt). 

In the following pictures I have paired the skirt with a white crop top again from Topshop, my one strap heels from Zara, my favourite Michael Kors bag  and some gold accessories.

You can even dress it down with trainers or flat sandals or even wear it winter time with black tights, a printed t-shirt and a black leather jacket. 

Skirt: Topshop PRESS HERE
Shoes: Zara PRESS HERE
Bag : Michael Kors 

Hope you have enjoyed this post and I have inspired you to go for total white looks. 



The Salala Girl 

Friday, 13 June 2014


Hello lovely Salala viewers!! Hope you are well. It is so warm today in Manchester. I am at my garden at the moment with my swimsuit on and laptop on my lap writting a post for all of you. 
Last weekend I had an amazing time at Parklife festival. Must admit I was impressed with myself as I managed to last for the two full days of drinking, dancing and running from tend to tend to hear all the artists. My personal favourites was Sam Smith,Katy-B and Jamie XX. 

As I experienced a festival in first hand I thought it will be helpful for any of you that are planning to attend one during the summer to create a post about my festival attire.

For both days I opted for my HUNTER wellies and a light raincoat that tied around my waist when I didn't need it.UK summer is certainly not dry and it did actually rain so I was glad with my choice. If you don't have any wellies don't worry you can wear leather ankle boots but I would avoid trainers unless the weather is guaranteed to be good. In regards to hair just leave it messy or up on a bun and make sure to put on a waterproof mascara even if its not raining as it tends to last longer.

Day 1 I wore high waisted shorts, knee high socks and a stripy coral top. For fun I tied the shirt up to create a more girlie and fun look. 

For Day 2 I wanted something floral so I picked a bralet top I had purchased a while ago from Primark,my all time favourites Levi's denim shorts and some gold accessories.

 Here are few pictures of the festival 

 You need more inspiration? Well here we have some celebs rocking the festival look.
Denim Shorts

Floral Headbands 

Long Kimonos

Crochet Tops

Cool Booties

Statement necklace

Again crochet top plus kimonos

Lose white blouses

Hope you enjoyed the post and let me know if you are going to any festivals. 

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