Monday, 16 June 2014


Hello Salala viewers!! The other day I had a great family day out. Lately we have all been so busy so it was nice that we could spend some quality time together. We first went for shopping and then for a meal to an American Restaurant called Coast To Coast . Must admit I don't think I have ever eaten so much in my life , but in a way it was a special occasion, right?! 
In regards to shopping we mostly visited shops with athletic gear as both of my brothers wanted new trainers. 
I got bored so decided to wonder off by myself to NEXT .There I saw these lovely white espadrilles for only £16 . I tried them on, I saw myself in the mirror and  I think within 5 minutes I was out of the shop with a new pair of shoes ha! 

Let's just say I didn't wonder off to other shops that day cause I know myself, if I like something- especially if its reasonably priced- I just buy it!
(No remorse ladies) 

I will probably style them with summer dresses or denim ripped jeans.  
To view the shoes  CLICK HERE

What do you think about them ?
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