Saturday, 28 June 2014


Hello Salala viewers!! I have officially survived my first week working full time in a proper graduate job. I do enjoy my new role but must confess 7am wake-up everyday is brutal ha! It has been an intense week getting to grips with new procedures , programmes etc. but I am glad that other graduates started at the same time so we are all on the same boat. 
Anyhow today I am off for a roadtrip!!
I have lived in UK for the last 3 years but they are loads of places I want to visit. I love driving through English countryside. I believe its breathtaking just fields and fields of green!!

 So in regards to outfit choice I have opted for something casual but always feminine.

high waisted jeans: River Island
Polka-dot blouse : Monsoon
white cardigan : Marks&Spencer
thin belt : Primark 

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