Thursday, 29 May 2014


Hello Salala people!! Have missed ya ! 
Had loads of exams last couple of weeks so havent been able to update my blog. Actually today is my first day off and somehow I am up since 7 am ...massive fail! 
Aw well decided to write up the post I had promised ya about pairing white sandals. So here we have a few styling ideas . 

             Fluffy top : Primark find similar HERE
            A line skirt :Zara find similar HERE
          white sandals: Asos find HERE

        Shorts with d.i.y studs : LEVIS , find similar HERE
     Top with stripes: Marks & Spencer , find similar HERE

Skirt : PRIMARK find similar HERE
Denim top : Urban Outfitters find similar HERE

               High waisted shorts TOPSHOP , find similar HERE
                    Top from PRIMARK, find similar HERE

             High waisted shorts : TOPSHOP ,find similar HERE

Hope this post has inspired you to buy white sandals ha! 

Thank you for reading 

The Salala Girl 

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Monday, 12 May 2014


Hello lovely Salala people !!Hope you are well:) The other day I just couldn't sleep and decided to have a look on Asos. For me shopping online - especially overnight when bored- is just like drunk texting you know its bad but you always end up doing it....shhh. At least this time I am really pleased with my purchase as I bought some white chunky sandals from Asos ,that have been lusting for a while. If you are thinking investing in new spring/summer shoes I definitely recommend anything in white since its the IT colour for the holiday season.

Available HERE
Because they are white they can literally go with anything. I will be mostly wearing them with total white looks or blue denim ripped jeans. 

What do you think ?

Not sure yet? Well I have also gathered some inspo looks to help you styling them. 

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The Salala Girl 


Monday, 5 May 2014


Hello Salala people!Hope you are well!!! Its time to put away our blacks and greys and try to embrace that summer is closer than we think . Its all about prints and colours. This is why today I am showing you one of my all time favourite spring/summer looks : an a-line skirt with a crop top. I love mixing up colours and prints , it somehow makes me feel happier.  Here I have chosen a green mid length (<--trend alert) skirt from Miss Selfridge , a yellow cute cardigan and a crop top from Topshop

Hope you have been inspired !! 

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The Salala Girl 


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Thursday, 1 May 2014


Hello lovely Salala people, hope you are well.!! 

Welcome to the first ever INSPO post!!!  As I want all of my readers to be up to date,  from now on every week I will be creating a special INSPO (inspirational) post with pictures gathered from various sources illustrating  fashionistas and celebrities wearing the latest trends. 

This week's focal point is: Ripped jeans.

The great thing about this trend is you can make it you own in moments  with just a pair of scissors.  Careful, though don't go crazyyy otherwise the final result will certainly look 'trashy'. My personal favourite is just a spit across both knees.

 I have adopted this trend but along with my personal style.  You will have probably noticed from my other looks that I go for anything that is feminine,girlie and classy. But can ripped jeans be all of those things? Yes, yes, yes. Its all about how you accessorize. 
For instance, if the jeans you have chosen to ripped are baggy make sure to add a pair of killer high heels (prefferably pointed) and an intense colour of lipstick for  a bad-ash and at the same time girlie look. 

If you can't be bothered to rip your own jeans then have a look at  ASOS HERE !!

Have a great day !!! 

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