Sunday, 25 September 2016


  Let's talk about 5 statement pieces you need to own this season. 

You can't get away this autumn/winter without having an oversized white cosy jumper. This one looks so soft and lush, don't you think? 
Imagine how cool it  would look with blue denim mom jeans and trainers or just with a slip dress (just like the model) with heels for a date night.  

I am sure you have already noticed that embroidered items are taking over all high street shops. From jackets , to skirts to denims. Definitely going to purchase a pair and join this girlie trend. 
ZARA link 

Every year I end up going to four or five different Christmas meals ( work , friends , volleyball team , family etc. ) I am guessing this year would not be any different so I am already considering possible looks and outfits. This satin pleated dress would be ideal for such occasion. It's just so dreamy and fits right into my obsession for anything pink and silky. 
ASOS link 

I really don't know how I still don't own a pair of white adidas trainers. These ones are literally everywhere and fashion bloggers swear by them. 
Adidas link 

I really don't need to justify this. C'mon you still haven't purchased a choker? It elevates even a simple white tee and jeans outfit. 
    New Look link 

I know you are probably trying to recover about the fact summer is over and your tan is fading or non existent at this stage (especially if you live in UK) but I am sure a winter wardrobe shopping spree will help you recover. 

Thank you for reading. 

The Salala Way 


Sunday, 3 July 2016


Hello Salala people currently on the sofa chilling whilst typing up this post.I have to admit it has certainly been hectic the last couple of weeks.I honestly cant recall the last Sunday that I just chilled and did nothing as I have been so busy with volleyball tournaments, work events, camping , drinking,parties and festivals !!

But today I just said to myself L.A (my nickname) today you are doing absolutely nothing. To showcase how busy I have been I only just managed to watch the last episode of Game of thrones. YES THATS 7 DAYS LATER AFTER INITIAL RELEASE!!

Anyhow here we have a few snaps of me and my dog chilling in my mums lovely garden. Enjoy and talk to you all soon xx

Tuesday, 28 June 2016


Hello lovely Salala people. Today I have a collective outfit post for you all.

Monday : A-line plitted skirts are my go to look for work. Ladies this could be your ideal yet still professional alternative to your tight fitted business skirts. Especially during summer season we don't want to be uncomfortable whilst sitting at our desks.Do we? Forgot to mention total outfit from Primark.  

Tuesday: After work I managed to go to a concert with my best friend Gemma.We saw James Bay!! I chose a carefree playsuit from Primark and paired it with heeled sandals (for that extra height to have a clear view of the stage) from Asos.

Wednesday : Business gear had to be on as I had an important meeting .This outfit is like my armour makes me feel so confident. The flared pants are from Zara. 

Thursday: Date night with my man involved a girlie dress from tkmaxx paired with comfortable sandals. Simplicity always wins.
Friday : Post work drinks had to involve my favourite statement jacket from Zara.Honestly haven't stopped wearing this. If you are not really keen on this colour ,dont you worry as it is also available in black,pink and baby blue. 

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