Saturday, 8 November 2014


Hello Salala people hope you are well. I am back north (that's Manchester) visiting family for the weekend. I have been living on my own for a while now so it's really nice to see everyone again.When I walked in the house I realised how much I missed it. Between us I think I had a 'wooow' moment when I opened the fridge and cupboards and saw that it was full with food. The only thing I didn't appreciate as a much is that my old lovely room has now become my big brother's office/gaming area arghhhh ha!

Anyhow enough with me moaning. Today it's all about celebrating the weekend with a killer night out look. Lately my fav 'going-out' outfit is definitely a bralet top , along with a tight fitted pencil skirt and high heels(preferably pointed for an even more feminine look)

I am not a fan of total black looks so I paired this black TOPSHOP bralet and NEXT high heels with my burgundy leather pencil skirt from ZARA

In regards to accessories I mostly played with the colour gold.

Click the links below to buy the actual items(or similar) I am wearing today :

High waisted pencil skirt: ZARA, find similar  HERE
Lace bralet top : TOPSHOP , find it here HERE
Pointed high heels: NEXT , find similar HERE
Gold clutch bag : NEW LOOK , find similar HERE

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Saturday, 1 November 2014


Hello Salala people long time no post !! I knowwww my only excuse is that work has been hectic lately. 

If you want more regular fashion updates from me you should follow my instagram account @lwraann as I do update it daily.

In regards to personal stuff I have officially ''survived'' one month completely on my own. I previously mentioned I was offered a new role and thus had to move from Manchester-my hometown for the last 3 years.This move was certainly out of character since I am the girl that is too scared to take chances.But I am so happy I did it!! Being in a new town not knowing anyone is scary initially but I realised that you just need to give it time and put yourself out-there. A good idea for socialising and meeting new people is definitely sports.For example,I joined the local volleyball club!

Anyhow back to fashion stuff. 
I have been looking for the perfect (non-black) coat for a couple of weeks. Without success...yet!! Today I found this Zara coat with fur collar details.However I just couldn't commit to it.What do you think Salala people shall I just buy it and give this 'mad coat search' a rest?!

The Salala Girl