Sunday, 23 March 2014

Raincoat day

Hello lovely Salala people !!! Hope you are all well !! I have just been busy studying. I am on my final year of an Economics degree and the workload is overwelming.But hey I always manage somehow.Today I am going in town for a bit.Its raining though so have opted for my (...sistersss shhh) raincoat from Marks and Spencer.Plus, chose skinny jeans and leather booties from Office shoes.
Overall I would say simple and elegant ;)

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The salala girl 

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Wish-list from ZARA

 So Salala people I have an updated #wishlist that I need to share with all of you !!

Both items that I really want are pink and from ZARA. 

                   This lovely cropped jacket will be amazing with anything highwaisted(jeans,shorts,skirts etc.)

 For example, highwaisted black jeans , white blouse and black leather booties. Or even better,a crop top with white highwaisted skirt plus killer pointed heels for a  night out.  

Now what not to love in this shoes . They are t-bar, pointed plus pink .Three trends all at once !! They will look perfect with straight cut, ankle-length pants.

What do you think about those two ?

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The Salala girl 

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Layering it up

Hello Salala people !!
So this  look was all about layers!! I paired a warm grey jumper from Marks & Spencer with my classic white shirt to get the collar effect.Plus, I wore a structured blazer from Dorothy Perkins and my lovely black leather satchel bag from the Cambridge Satchel Company to achieve a sophisticated kinda look !
Actually when I went to my lectures on Friday a guy saw my look and then asked me if I had an interview.I just said nahhhhh just good fashion sense ;) ha 

Enjoy your weekend SALALA people :) 

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