Wednesday, 29 July 2015


Hello Salala people and welcome to a "what I wear to work" post!  

 All the ladies that work in a corporate environment know that sometimes is really hard to deviate from the boring grey and black looks. Thus the Salala Way is suggesting A-line knee length skirts with prints. Pair it with a simple white blouse , your comfiest work heels and you are ready to rock another day in work looking very stylish. 

As always thank you for reading!! 

Big high five to me since I managed two posts in one week .. 



The Salala Girl 

Sunday, 26 July 2015


Hello Salala people I hope you are well!! 
Long time no post I know and I don't even have a good excuse (other than work has been hectic)
I really admire bloggers that are able to have full time jobs and add new post regularly.
I can hear my little critical voice saying maybe "you should be more organised laura-and less alcohol please!!" ..oops.
Anyhow , to catch up the last couple of weeks I have been spending my weekends away camping with some people from my volleyball club. Yes me the girlie girl camping and sleeping in a tent. I never ever ever ever ever (do I need more "evers?") thought I will enjoy camping. But somehow I just love the simplicity. You wake up outdoors and just relax and appreciate nature and in the night time you end-up dancing wearing just a hoodie around the fire.  
So Salala people if you haven't been camping yet go for it!! 

With regards to looks today I am wearing my latest Zara Bargains.

I haven't been out shopping for ages but when I saw these two items I was like I gotta have them. This floaty flowery top is so me and the backless finish is definitely a bonus.The fact that I have small boobs means I can pull it of without even wearing a bra. 
The a-line skirt I know from now I will be wearing it to death. It's the ideal length and very flattering for any body type. Dress it-up with strappy heels, statement earrings  and a simple white blouse or dress it down with trainers and a printed top. 

Aw and they only cost £9.99 each!! 

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