Sunday, 14 December 2014


Hello Salala people hope you are all well and as excited as me for the holiday season!! I have been so bad latelyyy. Everytime I have ventured out to buy presents for family and friends I have ended up wanting/lusting and eventually buying  something new for myself!!(oops).We all know December is definitely an expensive time of the year... Aww well. 

So this is what I was wearing yesterday whilst shopping. It was so cold so I paired a cream rollneck from PRIMARK with my all time favourite leopard faux fur coat. I really don't remember where I bought it from and somehow it doesn't even have a label but I will add a link of a similar below. Also rocked some high-waisted shorts from MONSOON and my leather booties from OFFICE

Proof I get easily distracted as pictures taken in Topshop changing rooms ..oops again. 

Shorts : Monsoon (find similar HERE )
Rollneck : Primark (find similar HERE )
Coat:unknown (find similar HERE )
Boots : Office shoes (find similar HERE )

Are you done with your Christmas shopping? 

Please tell me no haha. 



The Salala Girl 

Saturday, 8 November 2014


Hello Salala people hope you are well. I am back north (that's Manchester) visiting family for the weekend. I have been living on my own for a while now so it's really nice to see everyone again.When I walked in the house I realised how much I missed it. Between us I think I had a 'wooow' moment when I opened the fridge and cupboards and saw that it was full with food. The only thing I didn't appreciate as a much is that my old lovely room has now become my big brother's office/gaming area arghhhh ha!

Anyhow enough with me moaning. Today it's all about celebrating the weekend with a killer night out look. Lately my fav 'going-out' outfit is definitely a bralet top , along with a tight fitted pencil skirt and high heels(preferably pointed for an even more feminine look)

I am not a fan of total black looks so I paired this black TOPSHOP bralet and NEXT high heels with my burgundy leather pencil skirt from ZARA

In regards to accessories I mostly played with the colour gold.

Click the links below to buy the actual items(or similar) I am wearing today :

High waisted pencil skirt: ZARA, find similar  HERE
Lace bralet top : TOPSHOP , find it here HERE
Pointed high heels: NEXT , find similar HERE
Gold clutch bag : NEW LOOK , find similar HERE

As always thank you for reading and stopping by .

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Saturday, 1 November 2014


Hello Salala people long time no post !! I knowwww my only excuse is that work has been hectic lately. 

If you want more regular fashion updates from me you should follow my instagram account @lwraann as I do update it daily.

In regards to personal stuff I have officially ''survived'' one month completely on my own. I previously mentioned I was offered a new role and thus had to move from Manchester-my hometown for the last 3 years.This move was certainly out of character since I am the girl that is too scared to take chances.But I am so happy I did it!! Being in a new town not knowing anyone is scary initially but I realised that you just need to give it time and put yourself out-there. A good idea for socialising and meeting new people is definitely sports.For example,I joined the local volleyball club!

Anyhow back to fashion stuff. 
I have been looking for the perfect (non-black) coat for a couple of weeks. Without success...yet!! Today I found this Zara coat with fur collar details.However I just couldn't commit to it.What do you think Salala people shall I just buy it and give this 'mad coat search' a rest?!

The Salala Girl

Sunday, 21 September 2014


Hello Salala people ,hope you are well!! I don't recall mentioning it before but in a weeks time I will be moving to Bristol. 

So far I have been  a student living with her family in Manchester worrying about exams and when to go out.Howeverrrrrrr now I am working full time, paying my student loan,saving in to a pension and renting my own apartment.

Yeap apparently I am officially a grown up. Which is crazyyy. 

Anyhow back to fashion now !! 

Today's outfit is all about this pink H&M jumper that you can find HERE.I chose to pair it with an a-line skirt from Primark and my booties from Office Shoes

Also added a layer with a white collared blouse from Mango and wore my all time favourite pearls for a even more girlie tone.

Once again no point of tights ,when you still have a summer tan. 

Baby pink (and blue) will be one of the colours that I will be wearing without a doubt through out winter. 

What about you any big changes?

Laura-The Salala Girl 


Saturday, 6 September 2014


Hello Salala people hope you are well!!
Lately after work I tend to go window shopping in town to see all the new AW14 collections.

And guess what I already have a few items in mind that I just need/want/must have
 as my wardrobe is in desperate need of a Summer to Winter 'change-around'.

So lets see what I am lusting.Shall we?

             1. A perfect Camel coat will be a great piece that will get me through all winter. Plus,is going to be a great alternative to the black Zara coat that I always wear.Not sure yet ? Well just imagine how cool it will look with blue skinny jeans,nike trainers,a white shirt and a structured bag.

2.The knitted dress is just perfection!! 
I recently saw Kendall Jenner wearing something similar (here) and I was like I gotta have one.
It will look so fresh with black tights and booties or with pointed flats and an oversized coat.

3.Burgundy high heels.
I have loads of shoes (as every girlllll) however have never owned a pair of burgundy high heels.I want to distance myself from the 'predictable' black this season thus these beauties will be ideal for work 
(and cheeky drinks after 5oclock obviously ha..)  

4. Michael Kors Bag.
Every year I like to invest in a good leather bag.So it didnt take long for this jet set travel toteto be added  on my list.I do prefer structured bags that have a handle and an adjustable shoulder strap for versatile carrying.
Another bonus is that the particular colours means  I can  can even wear it during summer time with white denim jeans.

1.Coat: TOPSHOP £68 find it here
2.Dress: FRENCH CONNECTION £95 find it here
3.Heels:OFFICE SHOES £65 find it here
4.Bag:MICHAEL KORS find it here

Hope you enjoyed this post Salala people.

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Tuesday, 2 September 2014


Hello Salala people hope you are well!! 
Can you believe that summer is over?? I personally think it went by way too fast. 
On british TV xfactor has started which is basically the countdown to Christmas.
I know what you are thinking wow wow relax its only the start of September ,but still ahah!!
Well I must admit I am excited about creating lovely autumn/winter looks for all of you. 
And guess what we have the first autumn look ready today. 
For the start of this season I will be pairing long coats with high waisted skirts or shorts along with bare legs as I still have a tan to show off ladies (well I hope...)

I am actually desperate to find the perfect Camel coat but until then I just need to settle with this raincoat from Marks & Spencer. I paired it with  Levis shorts ,a simple white tee from New Look and my one strap heels from Zara.
In essence, I paired two elegant items(coat  and heels) with two more casual items (shorts and tee) and it creates a lovely girlie look without being over/under - dressed .

Have a great week Salala people.

More autumn looks to follow.


The Salala Girl 


Saturday, 30 August 2014


Hello Salala people hope you are well.Printed pants is what I am obsessing over lately.I think they are a great  'transition' piece from summer to autumn .At the moment the weather is not ideal for shorts (at least not in UK) and I don't really want to be wearing black tights ...just yet.
capri pants with funky prints IT IS!!
These ones are from H&M and cost only £12.99

Make sure to pair them with a simple black or white blouse.

And from what it looks like celebs like this combo too!



Monday, 25 August 2014


Hello Salala people hope you are well and enjoying the bank holiday weekend ! I was personally excited about the fact I didn't need to go into work today. One day makes all the difference ha ! So decided to prepare some posts for during the week. 

In general I love wearing colourful outfits but lately somehow I have been into the combo of black,grey and white.

From my clothes to my room somehow I am gravitated to that combination.

As you will see my bedroom is not as 'pink' anymore . I have added a new wallpaper with silver details.

I wore this outfit for a night out last weekend. Even though its so simple the high heels make it sexy  ha.
Shorts: h&m//necklace:Dorothy Perkins//top: New look

You all know by now that kimonos are here to stay.You can wear them on top of almost anything but definitely chose something more tight fitted for a more feminine look. This time I was going shopping so I chose a dress since they are easy to slip on and off in the changing rooms.
Kinda random but say hello to my new baby
Miss Dior Blooming bouquet

Thank you for reading and more posts to follow.

Laura - The Salala Girl 


Saturday, 16 August 2014


Hello Salala people!! I know I haven't posted for a while but I am back!! I have been for holidays in Rhodes-Greece with limited internet so I could not update my blog. I went with my mum and smaller brother and even though it wasn't a 'party/lets get wasted' type of holiday I really enjoyed myself.I haven't visited my homeland for almost two years so returning to Greek beaches , food and people was at times overwhelming. Some of the highlights was exploring the old town, renting a boat for the day to visit various beaches and volunteering to dance with traditional Greek songs on stage.

In regards to what I wore; cause of the heat I just chose light fabrics(I didn't even pack one pair of long denim jeans) and loads of colours.

Shorts and strappy tops were my saviours.

Shoes : NEXT 
Glasses: Ray-bans

More holidays pictures to follow.

Laura-The Salala Girl


Saturday, 19 July 2014


Hello Salala readers!! Can't believe its almost the end of July. I must admit I love this heat wave in UK as its an excuse to wear cute colourful outfits. Today I am wearing a basic white tshirt from ASOS , a flirty green midi skirt from MISS SELFRIDGE ,a straw clutch bag from PRIMARK and my new fav double buckles that I purchased from NEXT sale only for £10!! Also you will notice I made sure to add some gold details with my MARC JACOBS watch and necklaces. 

I do love midi skirt as they can be dressed down with a simple t-shirt and a pair of sandals or dressed up with a pair of one strap high heels and a sexy crop top. 

Enjoy your weekend



The Salala Girl 

Saturday, 12 July 2014


Hello Salala people! The weekend is here , time to embrace the sun and go out for some cheecky cocktails! ( only if you are old enough.. ha) 

In today's post I am sporting a Nautica inspired look.Obviously sailing is not in my agenda but I just think it is such a carefree and timeless summer look . Don't you think?

You only need some white and blue stripes plus a splash of red. That could be a red belt , scarf, necklace etc.

Stripy Dress : Dorothy Perkins
Shoes : Next 
Belt : Primark 
Sunnies: Ray Ban 

Thank you for reading 



The Salala Girl

Sunday, 6 July 2014


Hello lovely Salala people!! I have good news. Yesterday I got my results back and I officially have a 1st class (yeahhhh a FIRST) in BSc(hons) Economics. I am just sooooooo happy and pleased. All the hard work and long hours in the library were certainly worth it.
In order to celebrate my success I went in town with my girlssss.Was such a good and fun night. Maybe the fact that  I got tipsy rather quickly had something to do with it (but shhhhh ;)

I opted for my all time favourite LEVIS denim shorts plus my new stripy blouse from ASOS(girlsss only £9 definitely a bargain). Also wore the most comfortable platforms from DUNE as I knew some dancing will occur!!
 Overall a carefree yet girlie look. Don't you think? 

     Follow the links for this look :
   Summer stripy blouse ASOS 
   Denim shorts from LEVIS
   Coral high platforms DUNE

I blame these two for feeling lets say 'sensitive' today. Too much alcohol ha.

Thank you for reading 

The Salala Girl