Monday, 9 February 2015


Hello Salala people!! Our usual Sunday post is one day delayed I am soo sorry! 
But I do have a valid reason. 
My best friend from Greece (the one I haven't seen for 2 yearsss) came to visit me and we had a great weekend together. We went around Bristol and Bath , we ate , we drunk ,we gossiped and obviously took loads of selfies. 
It's weird that with some people in your life even though you haven't interacted with them for a while when you do meet up its like no even one day has gone by.
You both feel at ease and comfortable as you know each other so well. 
Its time to realise salala people that at the end of the day its not about the likes you get on post, what brand is your bag, if your snapchat has been viewed from your ex, if the cute boy in the office likes your new haircut ,if you are fat or skinny, if you should stare at kims insta account one more time, if you should go on tinder, if you should feel bad for that one night stand , if you should have one more drink(blah blah as the list can go on for ages)....

It's all about those precious moments you need and MUST make with your favourite people.Even if you live miles apart I suggest to meet up with them. 
Take that long weekend off and just go and make some new memories!! 

Aww and my best friend (her name is Afrodite) doesn't drink... But hey I made her have a few the below picture says it all ;) 

Thank you for reading yet again. 

New posts every Sunday!! 


The Salala Girl


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