Sunday, 15 June 2014


Hello Salala people!! After exams I have a lot more free time so I have decided to make a few improvements in my room. 
First of all my make up was all over the place (literally). Every clutch, every small bag had a lipstick, an eye pencil, a brush , a concealer... you get my point!!
For this reason I thought to gather all of the make-up I own in one single drawer. 
As you will see below the final result was successful.
This was certainly a really easy D.I.Y project. I just used old shoe boxes to form small dividers and covered them with magazine paper.Now every day I just open the drawer and I can immediately find what I am looking for.  
Pretty and practical!

Secondly, I love the smell of fresh flowers. When I was tanning in the garden I spotted some beautiful pink roses. And yeah against my mum's wishes I cut them(oops!). 
I have now put them in a tall clear vase next to my mirrored jewellery box. 

What do you think about these bedroom details? 

Let me know below.

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