Sunday, 21 September 2014


Hello Salala people ,hope you are well!! I don't recall mentioning it before but in a weeks time I will be moving to Bristol. 

So far I have been  a student living with her family in Manchester worrying about exams and when to go out.Howeverrrrrrr now I am working full time, paying my student loan,saving in to a pension and renting my own apartment.

Yeap apparently I am officially a grown up. Which is crazyyy. 

Anyhow back to fashion now !! 

Today's outfit is all about this pink H&M jumper that you can find HERE.I chose to pair it with an a-line skirt from Primark and my booties from Office Shoes

Also added a layer with a white collared blouse from Mango and wore my all time favourite pearls for a even more girlie tone.

Once again no point of tights ,when you still have a summer tan. 

Baby pink (and blue) will be one of the colours that I will be wearing without a doubt through out winter. 

What about you any big changes?

Laura-The Salala Girl 


Saturday, 6 September 2014


Hello Salala people hope you are well!!
Lately after work I tend to go window shopping in town to see all the new AW14 collections.

And guess what I already have a few items in mind that I just need/want/must have
 as my wardrobe is in desperate need of a Summer to Winter 'change-around'.

So lets see what I am lusting.Shall we?

             1. A perfect Camel coat will be a great piece that will get me through all winter. Plus,is going to be a great alternative to the black Zara coat that I always wear.Not sure yet ? Well just imagine how cool it will look with blue skinny jeans,nike trainers,a white shirt and a structured bag.

2.The knitted dress is just perfection!! 
I recently saw Kendall Jenner wearing something similar (here) and I was like I gotta have one.
It will look so fresh with black tights and booties or with pointed flats and an oversized coat.

3.Burgundy high heels.
I have loads of shoes (as every girlllll) however have never owned a pair of burgundy high heels.I want to distance myself from the 'predictable' black this season thus these beauties will be ideal for work 
(and cheeky drinks after 5oclock obviously ha..)  

4. Michael Kors Bag.
Every year I like to invest in a good leather bag.So it didnt take long for this jet set travel toteto be added  on my list.I do prefer structured bags that have a handle and an adjustable shoulder strap for versatile carrying.
Another bonus is that the particular colours means  I can  can even wear it during summer time with white denim jeans.

1.Coat: TOPSHOP £68 find it here
2.Dress: FRENCH CONNECTION £95 find it here
3.Heels:OFFICE SHOES £65 find it here
4.Bag:MICHAEL KORS find it here

Hope you enjoyed this post Salala people.

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Tuesday, 2 September 2014


Hello Salala people hope you are well!! 
Can you believe that summer is over?? I personally think it went by way too fast. 
On british TV xfactor has started which is basically the countdown to Christmas.
I know what you are thinking wow wow relax its only the start of September ,but still ahah!!
Well I must admit I am excited about creating lovely autumn/winter looks for all of you. 
And guess what we have the first autumn look ready today. 
For the start of this season I will be pairing long coats with high waisted skirts or shorts along with bare legs as I still have a tan to show off ladies (well I hope...)

I am actually desperate to find the perfect Camel coat but until then I just need to settle with this raincoat from Marks & Spencer. I paired it with  Levis shorts ,a simple white tee from New Look and my one strap heels from Zara.
In essence, I paired two elegant items(coat  and heels) with two more casual items (shorts and tee) and it creates a lovely girlie look without being over/under - dressed .

Have a great week Salala people.

More autumn looks to follow.


The Salala Girl