Wednesday, 5 July 2017


Hello Salala people I hope you are all well !! Gosh where shall I begin from?! 

I have had  a super busy June . Firstly I went holidays for around 8 days in Skiathos and Skopelos. It was actually my boyfriend's first time ever in Greece so it felt even more special to take him around the islands and show him part of me and my culture. I might do a separate post all about Greece so keep tuned.  

Then straight after my holidays I unpacked my 20kg bag so I could put all my clothes into a bag-pack and go to Glastonbury!! I think I have mentioned before in this blog, that I am certainly not the camping type. This is not because I don't love the outdoors it's just that I do prefer home comforts such as nice clean sheets, a hot shower etc. etc. etc. 
Despite my personal preferences I must admit I had such a great time. The music , the people , the overall atmosphere was incredible. Everyone is there to have a good time and you can just feel it in the air. The weather for the first time ever was also on our side so that was a great bonus. My favourite artists was Ed Sheeran and Craig David. 
I didn't have time to recover from the festival as straight after I went to a proper British wedding up-north. My boyfriend's sister was getting married it the gorgeous Yorkshire dales. We stayed in a picturesque set-up so and it was great to meet all of my boyfriend's extended family. 

Now it's Monday and I am back in the office!It feels so weird...Surely I am not the only one that get's the so-called "holidays blues" ? However, I have a smile in my face and ready to face the working week ahead. Inside though, I am thinking about my next holidays... which will most probably be New York. Don't worry I will keep you posted! 

      Outfit of the Day details 
Top : Mango 
Skirt : Zara 
Shoes: Primark 

When I am tanned I love wearing white pieces as I find them even more flattering. 

Thank you for passing by. 


Friday, 14 April 2017


Hello Salala readers I hope you are all well!!
 I should have been on the train to Manchester but I am still recovering from a night out.(..oops) . My mum is not really happy with me but I thought to be at least productive and chat to you guys!!

How amazing is it that spring/summer is here?! When I used to live in Athens around this time of the year we would store all of our winter clothes and just keep out our t-shirts,swimsuits,shorts etc. The process of putting away your winter wardrobe was actually rather therapeutic ,like a new beginning sort of thing! 

Unfortunately, as I now live in the UK  I am conscious of the unpredictable weather  so I keep my winter items within (certainly close!) reach. 

Lately I have been enjoying pairing girlie wrap-dresses along with comfy block heels and a raincoat. 
I find wrap-dresses so sophisticated and sexy and I feel confident wearing them in the daytime for work and then by simply adding some extra lipstick I would be ready for drinks in town!

A good tip when styling a dress with patterns is to emphasize in one colour. On this look you will notice I have made sure to bring out the pink with my accessories.

Dress:TK-max (last season) 
Bag: Zara (similar here )
Shoes: Zara (similar here)
Coat: Marks & Spencer (similar here)

 The queen of wrap-dresses is certainly DVF , but for all of us that can't afford the price tag I have linked below some affordable alternatives. 


Would you like some more convincing to invest in a wrap-dress? Well let's see different ways our favourite bloggers and celebs have styled them. 

The key in choosing your ideal wrap-dress is finding one that doesn't show so much cleavage, hugs your body all in the right places  and it's not too short. 

Hope you enjoyed this post and will chat to you soon!! 

The Salala girl 


Wednesday, 22 February 2017


Hello Salala people I hope you are all well. Here I am yet again apologising due to the fact I haven't been able to update this blog as often as I would have liked to. Please accept this cheeky midweek post as a way to make amends ha! 

I really like to experiment with my work outfits and I usually try to add some pop of colour and an interesting waist belt. 

On this occasion, I paired this lovely A-line Zara skirt with a super soft pink cashmere cardigan from M&S and a grey roll neck from Primark along with comfortable Zara nude block heels.

You will have probably noticed my bare legs. To answer your question :
"No its definitely not warm here in England". The main reason I avoid tights is because I struggle to find the ideal pair: a)The one  that  actually stays up above my hips and doesn't roll down after a few steps b)  doesn't leave a sparkly effect on pictures c) has a soft touch  plus d)it is reasonably priced. 
I used to work in Selfridges and I was selling tights worth 24 GBP !! I want to pay maximum 8-9 GDP and get all of that at the same time. Can I ? If you have any suggestions please let me know on the comments below as I would love to actually find a pair I like.

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Sunday, 29 January 2017


Hello Salala readers, I hope you are all well. Today I was going to meet up with my friend Sami in Cardiff and go for a nice walk with his new dog but the weather is so bad . It looks like its going to rain all day, so unfortunately we had to rearrange our catch-up for another time. 
Also, James (my man) is finally coming back from snowboarding so I am rather excited to see him later on. I was always under the impression I am a strong independent woman ...but deep down I did miss him loads ! 

Anyhow at least I have the time to finally post this . 
We are exploring "what to wear to work". 

I must admit I am not a morning person but I do enjoy the process of picking out a new outfit everyday. I tend to go for business or at least smart/casual looks even though  my office doesn't actually have a dress code. 

I certainly believe that sometimes you just need to dress to impress because it is unavoidable in work: people will judge you based on how you look.Of course it all depends what sector you work in and it is certainly down to personal preference but I would highly recommend if you are having an important business meeting or a networking event you should pay extra attention on your outfit.

I want my work attire to reflect that I take my role/position seriously.I must admit exception are Fridays when I usually go for a more casual look as most likely I will end up in the pub after!(For non-alcoholic drinks of course...) 

 In general I  would avoid  mini skirts,low cut shirts/tops, see through items and I know this might upset some of you : blue denim. My high heels  help me feel more confident but I would recommend going for comfortable pairs that you can wear/walk all day with. 

Outfit 1 

I love wearing flattering pencils skirts and  I was immediately drawn into this one from Zara sale. The check detail and gold buttons make this garment even more special , plus it only cost 13.99 down from 40! I paired it with a burgundy roll-neck from Primark (to bring out the red from the check pattern) and nude comfy block heels to make the skirt centre of attention. As I struggle to find skirts that fit perfectly around my waist I usually end up with a waist belt -which  I have found is rather practical to ensures my jumper stays tucked in. 

Outfit 2 

   Ok needles to say these high heels are gorgeous. I purchased them whilst I was in Edinburgh for a business trip. Girls again another sale bargain only 13.99 and they are       real suede from Marks & Spencer ! 
  I wanted to make my heels focal point so kept the rest of my look rather simple with a cashmere grey jumper and wool trousers.

Outfit 3                                                                             

                            If I don't want to wear a skirt I usually go for ankle length trousers. These are one my favouritte pairs and were purchased from H&M a couple of years ago. They have lasted so well so I have actually gone back and picked up some  other colours too. You can't really see in those pictures but they have a lovely embroidered black detail too. 
Again I am wearing another Primark roll-neck. Little secret I prefer them rather than shirts only cause they don't really need ironing ! ha 

                                         Please see below outfit details for all three looks and links : 

Outfit 1
Roll neck : Primark (similar here
Nude Block Heels : Zara (similar here only 7.99!
Skirt : Zara (similar here) I couldn't find actual skirt online sorry!
Belt : Dorothy Perkins (similar here

Outfit 2 
Heels : Marks & Spencer (similar here)
Wool trousers : Monsoon (similar here
Cashmere jumper : Marks & Spencer (more here)

Outfit 3 
High neck jumper: Primark (similar here
Ankle trousers: H&M (more here)
Nude block heels: Zara(similar here only 7.99!

I hope you enjoyed this post and don't forget to follow !

New post next Sunday.



Sunday, 15 January 2017


Hello Salala readers I hope you are all well and not affected from the January blues as much as I am. It's Saturday night whilst I am typing this instead of being out and about. Note sure what's wrong with my usual party animal self but recently she is not really keen on going out. Probably because it is just so cold outside!argh 

Anyhow today I am showing you how to dress-up and dress down a look. (Please insert drumps playing audio here;) 

All you need to do is keep your main outfit simple and comfortable and then play around and be more creative with your accessories . Here I chose an inexpensive striped roll neck from Primark and my everyday black denim jeans from Zara. 

                                                  Dress up Version 
 I thought what can I do to make this outfit look more expensive and elegant? So I went for my long cream coat from Marks & Spencer. I absolutely love the quality and luxury feel of this , but somehow I haven't worn it as much as I would have liked to as due to it's colour sacred it would get easily dirty. Plus when I did wear it I received way too much banter and comments from my friends. I mainly hang around with guys and they certainly don't appreciate any fashion statements haha.  For them this coat is (quote) : "a dressing gown". I hope you girls disagree!!

Moving to the bag, I chose a clutch I purchased last year from Zara sale. I think the circle gold buckle and suede detail gives a sophisticated Chloe vibe. 
For shoes yet again I chose Zara (I promise this post ain't sponsored!) . I picked these up as I was looking for some comfortable but still flattering block heels. I tried them and I was like hmm do I really need them? Then  I checked the price tag (only 12.99) and was like hell ya I do need them.
 I mean they are the perfect nude /pink colour and will suit most of my work outfits. 
( I was on the fence about them as not really sure how they will look with black tights but will try them out and update you.)

                                                  Dress down Version
 I instantly went for my all-white Adidas trainers. If you are a loyal reader of this blog you will probably remember these being on my wish-list for a while. I finally purchased them when I was at Bristol airport whilst waiting for our flight Barcelona. The good thing with airport purchases is they are duty free! 

I also picked up my all time favourite Asos denim cropped borg jacket. This is surprisingly so warm. 

Finally you will have spotted a NYC wool hat (stolen from my bff) and a lovely cream leather backpack. I got it as a present  during Christmas and it's from a brand I hadn't heard before: RI2K London. Are you by any chance familiar with this make? 

    I hope you have enjoyed this post and we will catch up next Sunday. 

In the meantime you can keep up to date through my insta account. 


L.A girl 


Sunday, 8 January 2017


Hello Salala readers. Happy new year to you all. 

Hoping in 2017 I will be able to post and keep in contact with you more often. In the meantime please check out my instagram here as I do update it daily. 

Just a quick catch up I am still living and working in Bristol, I still love playing volleyball and somehow  I have managed to be in a relationship for over a year now.

In terms of new years resolutions: 

1) Travel more
 In 2016 I was fortunate enough to visit Portugal, Iceland, Crete , Dublin and explored more of south of UK such as Devon , Cornwall etc. 

2) Get back into driving
 I actually have a driving licence but somehow I haven't used it at all since I was 18 ( I am now 24). During university I would just commute via train and now my office is next to my flat so haven't really been in need to have a car. But I really want to do "reminder" lessons so I will be able to do some road-trips during summer time. Also means boyfriend will get a break ;)

3) Play different sports more often
  Everyone usually has a #getFitter resolution at the start of they year and for me is all about exploring new sports. I love playing volleyball for Bristol Ladies Division 2  but I find it more challenging to get involved in sports I have never been exposed to before. Badminton, Squash , Basketball etc. 
Will keep you posted.

Now let's have a look at an outfit that is definitely out of my comfort zone. 
But hey new year new me?

          Dress: Missguided (now on sale)
     Roll-neck : Zara (similar) 

Try out wearing lingerie inspired garments with white/black roll necks or t-shirts. 

Thank you for reading. 

Catch up soon. 

New outfit posts every Sunday.


Sunday, 25 September 2016


  Let's talk about 5 statement pieces you need to own this season. 

You can't get away this autumn/winter without having an oversized white cosy jumper. This one looks so soft and lush, don't you think? 
Imagine how cool it  would look with blue denim mom jeans and trainers or just with a slip dress (just like the model) with heels for a date night.  

I am sure you have already noticed that embroidered items are taking over all high street shops. From jackets , to skirts to denims. Definitely going to purchase a pair and join this girlie trend. 
ZARA link 

Every year I end up going to four or five different Christmas meals ( work , friends , volleyball team , family etc. ) I am guessing this year would not be any different so I am already considering possible looks and outfits. This satin pleated dress would be ideal for such occasion. It's just so dreamy and fits right into my obsession for anything pink and silky. 
ASOS link 

I really don't know how I still don't own a pair of white adidas trainers. These ones are literally everywhere and fashion bloggers swear by them. 
Adidas link 

I really don't need to justify this. C'mon you still haven't purchased a choker? It elevates even a simple white tee and jeans outfit. 
    New Look link 

I know you are probably trying to recover about the fact summer is over and your tan is fading or non existent at this stage (especially if you live in UK) but I am sure a winter wardrobe shopping spree will help you recover. 

Thank you for reading. 

The Salala Way 


Sunday, 3 July 2016


Hello Salala people currently on the sofa chilling whilst typing up this post.I have to admit it has certainly been hectic the last couple of weeks.I honestly cant recall the last Sunday that I just chilled and did nothing as I have been so busy with volleyball tournaments, work events, camping , drinking,parties and festivals !!

But today I just said to myself L.A (my nickname) today you are doing absolutely nothing. To showcase how busy I have been I only just managed to watch the last episode of Game of thrones. YES THATS 7 DAYS LATER AFTER INITIAL RELEASE!!

Anyhow here we have a few snaps of me and my dog chilling in my mums lovely garden. Enjoy and talk to you all soon xx