Saturday, 25 January 2014

New bargains !!

 Hello lovely Salala viewers hope you are all well and enjoying the weekend !!! 

So what do I have for you today ? Well like always bargainssssssssssssss. 

I don't really like clothes shopping in stores as I end up waiting in queues at the fitting rooms and its difficult to look throughout the store.Hence I prefer on-line shopping.As I have told you before most of my clothes are from Asos.Nevertheless, shopping on-line has its disadvantages.Especially recently I had to return various items since the sizing was wrong , or the colour was different than on the picture etc. 

So the other day I decided to return to traditional shopping where you can try the clothes before you purchase them.And I was surprised that I actually enjoyed it!! Maybe because I went midweek and it was not as busy. I had a chance to look  in shops like  Zara, H&M, Miss Selfridge , Topshop and primark.  

 I was particularly searching for an assymetric skirt and a fluffy jumper (two massive trends) 

 and I am so happy to tell you I found them both for only £22.99 !! (yeah combined) 

The skirt was from Zara only £12.99(I think originally was around £35) .I will be wearing it, mostly with crop tops or white silk tops and some nice booties. 

Now the jumper is from Primark only £10!! I ended up buying a yellow one too.It just feels so soft and you can pair it with high waisted jeans or skirts . 

Also I have some instagram shots :

Zara Skirt : £12.99 // Fluffy jumper: £10 

Have I not convinced you yet ? Well let's have a look at more looks with fluffy jumpers and assymetric skirts from the web 

Hope you have enjoyed this post !! 

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 Laura The Salala girl 


Tuesday, 14 January 2014

The Salala Way Store has launched !!

Hello lovely Salala viewers !!

One of my issues lately is I don't have enough room in my wardrobe.
Hence , decided to create an on-line store to sell a few of my beloved items :) 

The first item I am selling is this lovely Heart&Bows Jumper with stud details on both shoulders.
It has only been worn once and is in excellent condition . 

Will be lovely with jeans and a pair of converse or even with leather pants and booties. 

Just follow the next link for more info : 

Price:  £10 


Tuesday, 7 January 2014


Hello lovely Salala readers !!! This is the newest addition in my wardrobe.

Most of my friends think I spend loads of money on clothes.In reality though most of my items are purchased during sales or promotions.Lets be honest , I am student with low income so what's the point paying full price?! 
So one of my latest bargains is this lovely jumper from ASOS that was only £20! (down from £50)
Everybody knows the colour for this winter is light pink so I definitely suggest investing in anything that is pink ha! 
Below is what I wore yesterday . 

ASOS jumper/ H&M necklace / LEVIS diy shorts with studs

                                             Pictures from the ASOS website 

I have just checked the website and the item is now out of stock.But don't worry here are more pink suggestions: 
(CLICK highlighted words to follow the links)

From £38 now £18 TOPSHOP

From £40 now £18 ASOS
From £14 now £5 TOPSHOP

From £35 now £18 TOPSHOP