Monday, 25 August 2014


Hello Salala people hope you are well and enjoying the bank holiday weekend ! I was personally excited about the fact I didn't need to go into work today. One day makes all the difference ha ! So decided to prepare some posts for during the week. 

In general I love wearing colourful outfits but lately somehow I have been into the combo of black,grey and white.

From my clothes to my room somehow I am gravitated to that combination.

As you will see my bedroom is not as 'pink' anymore . I have added a new wallpaper with silver details.

I wore this outfit for a night out last weekend. Even though its so simple the high heels make it sexy  ha.
Shorts: h&m//necklace:Dorothy Perkins//top: New look

You all know by now that kimonos are here to stay.You can wear them on top of almost anything but definitely chose something more tight fitted for a more feminine look. This time I was going shopping so I chose a dress since they are easy to slip on and off in the changing rooms.
Kinda random but say hello to my new baby
Miss Dior Blooming bouquet

Thank you for reading and more posts to follow.

Laura - The Salala Girl 


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