Sunday, 21 September 2014


Hello Salala people ,hope you are well!! I don't recall mentioning it before but in a weeks time I will be moving to Bristol. 

So far I have been  a student living with her family in Manchester worrying about exams and when to go out.Howeverrrrrrr now I am working full time, paying my student loan,saving in to a pension and renting my own apartment.

Yeap apparently I am officially a grown up. Which is crazyyy. 

Anyhow back to fashion now !! 

Today's outfit is all about this pink H&M jumper that you can find HERE.I chose to pair it with an a-line skirt from Primark and my booties from Office Shoes

Also added a layer with a white collared blouse from Mango and wore my all time favourite pearls for a even more girlie tone.

Once again no point of tights ,when you still have a summer tan. 

Baby pink (and blue) will be one of the colours that I will be wearing without a doubt through out winter. 

What about you any big changes?

Laura-The Salala Girl 


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