Tuesday, 2 September 2014


Hello Salala people hope you are well!! 
Can you believe that summer is over?? I personally think it went by way too fast. 
On british TV xfactor has started which is basically the countdown to Christmas.
I know what you are thinking wow wow relax its only the start of September ,but still ahah!!
Well I must admit I am excited about creating lovely autumn/winter looks for all of you. 
And guess what we have the first autumn look ready today. 
For the start of this season I will be pairing long coats with high waisted skirts or shorts along with bare legs as I still have a tan to show off ladies (well I hope...)

I am actually desperate to find the perfect Camel coat but until then I just need to settle with this raincoat from Marks & Spencer. I paired it with  Levis shorts ,a simple white tee from New Look and my one strap heels from Zara.
In essence, I paired two elegant items(coat  and heels) with two more casual items (shorts and tee) and it creates a lovely girlie look without being over/under - dressed .

Have a great week Salala people.

More autumn looks to follow.


The Salala Girl 


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