Thursday, 29 May 2014


Hello Salala people!! Have missed ya ! 
Had loads of exams last couple of weeks so havent been able to update my blog. Actually today is my first day off and somehow I am up since 7 am ...massive fail! 
Aw well decided to write up the post I had promised ya about pairing white sandals. So here we have a few styling ideas . 

             Fluffy top : Primark find similar HERE
            A line skirt :Zara find similar HERE
          white sandals: Asos find HERE

        Shorts with d.i.y studs : LEVIS , find similar HERE
     Top with stripes: Marks & Spencer , find similar HERE

Skirt : PRIMARK find similar HERE
Denim top : Urban Outfitters find similar HERE

               High waisted shorts TOPSHOP , find similar HERE
                    Top from PRIMARK, find similar HERE

             High waisted shorts : TOPSHOP ,find similar HERE

Hope this post has inspired you to buy white sandals ha! 

Thank you for reading 

The Salala Girl 

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