Monday, 12 May 2014


Hello lovely Salala people !!Hope you are well:) The other day I just couldn't sleep and decided to have a look on Asos. For me shopping online - especially overnight when bored- is just like drunk texting you know its bad but you always end up doing it....shhh. At least this time I am really pleased with my purchase as I bought some white chunky sandals from Asos ,that have been lusting for a while. If you are thinking investing in new spring/summer shoes I definitely recommend anything in white since its the IT colour for the holiday season.

Available HERE
Because they are white they can literally go with anything. I will be mostly wearing them with total white looks or blue denim ripped jeans. 

What do you think ?

Not sure yet? Well I have also gathered some inspo looks to help you styling them. 

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