Wednesday, 22 November 2017


Hello Salala people I hope you are all well. 

As you will have noticed from the title we are talking about one of my favourite outfit combinations : a timeless a-line skirt and a flattering turtle neck. 

The other day I was casually scrolling through my Instagram account and  I noticed that in most of my pictures I am wearing my high waisted denim jeans from Miss Selfridges and my Nike trainers. 
I need to stop reaching out for them all the time! 

So in my effort to have a denim detox (first world problems, I know ha! Just please play along with me here) I thought it was time to go through my wardrobe and try again some of my best-loved items. 

I forgot how many winter skirts I have accumulated over the years and for this look I picked out one from M&S with red check school girl vides. I particularly like that this skirt fits very comfortably around my waist and I can still tuck in and layer more clothing, like a jumper. 

For an even more elegant look I added a black fitted turtle neck. The majority of  my turtle necks -including this one - are from Primark and  every year I tend to stock up with as many colours as possible! I highly recommend them especially as the price range is between 5 to 1O pounds. 

As it is rather cold outside I made sure to wear a pair of  black tights.  I have struggled to find the ideal pair (especially as most of them will not be long enough) and after many attempts I think the winner is : Bodyform 40Denier in Large from Marks & Spencer.

Finally I went for my trusted Topshop block heels that were purchased when I was in Edinburgh for a business trip. I remember this random detail as I nearly missed my flight whilst queuing to buy them! 

If I was to "dress-this-outfit-down" I would add an oversized red jumper , leather booties and a black aviator jacket. 

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