Sunday, 8 January 2017


Hello Salala readers. Happy new year to you all. 

Hoping in 2017 I will be able to post and keep in contact with you more often. In the meantime please check out my instagram here as I do update it daily. 

Just a quick catch up I am still living and working in Bristol, I still love playing volleyball and somehow  I have managed to be in a relationship for over a year now.

In terms of new years resolutions: 

1) Travel more
 In 2016 I was fortunate enough to visit Portugal, Iceland, Crete , Dublin and explored more of south of UK such as Devon , Cornwall etc. 

2) Get back into driving
 I actually have a driving licence but somehow I haven't used it at all since I was 18 ( I am now 24). During university I would just commute via train and now my office is next to my flat so haven't really been in need to have a car. But I really want to do "reminder" lessons so I will be able to do some road-trips during summer time. Also means boyfriend will get a break ;)

3) Play different sports more often
  Everyone usually has a #getFitter resolution at the start of they year and for me is all about exploring new sports. I love playing volleyball for Bristol Ladies Division 2  but I find it more challenging to get involved in sports I have never been exposed to before. Badminton, Squash , Basketball etc. 
Will keep you posted.

Now let's have a look at an outfit that is definitely out of my comfort zone. 
But hey new year new me?

          Dress: Missguided (now on sale)
     Roll-neck : Zara (similar) 

Try out wearing lingerie inspired garments with white/black roll necks or t-shirts. 

Thank you for reading. 

Catch up soon. 

New outfit posts every Sunday.


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