Sunday, 15 January 2017


Hello Salala readers I hope you are all well and not affected from the January blues as much as I am. It's Saturday night whilst I am typing this instead of being out and about. Note sure what's wrong with my usual party animal self but recently she is not really keen on going out. Probably because it is just so cold outside!argh 

Anyhow today I am showing you how to dress-up and dress down a look. (Please insert drumps playing audio here;) 

All you need to do is keep your main outfit simple and comfortable and then play around and be more creative with your accessories . Here I chose an inexpensive striped roll neck from Primark and my everyday black denim jeans from Zara. 

                                                  Dress up Version 
 I thought what can I do to make this outfit look more expensive and elegant? So I went for my long cream coat from Marks & Spencer. I absolutely love the quality and luxury feel of this , but somehow I haven't worn it as much as I would have liked to as due to it's colour sacred it would get easily dirty. Plus when I did wear it I received way too much banter and comments from my friends. I mainly hang around with guys and they certainly don't appreciate any fashion statements haha.  For them this coat is (quote) : "a dressing gown". I hope you girls disagree!!

Moving to the bag, I chose a clutch I purchased last year from Zara sale. I think the circle gold buckle and suede detail gives a sophisticated Chloe vibe. 
For shoes yet again I chose Zara (I promise this post ain't sponsored!) . I picked these up as I was looking for some comfortable but still flattering block heels. I tried them and I was like hmm do I really need them? Then  I checked the price tag (only 12.99) and was like hell ya I do need them.
 I mean they are the perfect nude /pink colour and will suit most of my work outfits. 
( I was on the fence about them as not really sure how they will look with black tights but will try them out and update you.)

                                                  Dress down Version
 I instantly went for my all-white Adidas trainers. If you are a loyal reader of this blog you will probably remember these being on my wish-list for a while. I finally purchased them when I was at Bristol airport whilst waiting for our flight Barcelona. The good thing with airport purchases is they are duty free! 

I also picked up my all time favourite Asos denim cropped borg jacket. This is surprisingly so warm. 

Finally you will have spotted a NYC wool hat (stolen from my bff) and a lovely cream leather backpack. I got it as a present  during Christmas and it's from a brand I hadn't heard before: RI2K London. Are you by any chance familiar with this make? 

    I hope you have enjoyed this post and we will catch up next Sunday. 

In the meantime you can keep up to date through my insta account. 


L.A girl 


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