Sunday, 22 March 2015


Hello lovely Salala people. Today we are talking about 'The haircut' everyone seems to be going crazy about. I am sure you have all noticed - and if you haven't I bet Kim K has made you to pay attention- that the haircut of the moment is definitely a medium one length (just above the shoulders) bob. 
It is such a shame I had exactly the same look 1 year ago!!! Grrr why does it have to be in fashion now!!

I recently had a haircut but it's the first time ever that I have managed to grow my hair relatively long thus you will not see me sporting this look any time soon.
 However that doesn't mean I don't like seeing it on other people as
  it's such a refreshing, youthful and versatile look. Plus ideal for the summer season that is creeping up as its so easy to keep up.

Let's see how fashionistas and celebs are keeping up with this trend.  

The length of my hair at the moment 

So Salala people if you wanna a change chopping of your hair is what you should do as a true fashionista!!

I am Currently watching the newest episode of The Only Way is Essex (ie TOWIE) haha. 

Take care, have fun and enjoy your week

The Salala Girl 


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