Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Lusting Chanel Espadrilles

Hello lovely Salala people,hope you are all well!!!
So what's the point having a fashion blog if you are not expressing what you are lusting,right?! Thus today I will be talking about these lovely Chanel leather espradilles that all major bloggers and fashionistas have been wearing. I just want them so much think they will look great with skinny jeans,shorts or a-line dresses.Plus, they look so comfortable (and did I mention they are Chanel?!). However, the fact is I definitely can't afford them (student issues yeah we know by now Laura..) .Still, in the Salala blog we always think positive so I went out and searched for the best cheapest alternatives.
I am sure I am not the only salala girl that wants these beauties so have displayed the options I have found !!
Note,the espradrilles with leather details tend to cost around £50 but if you are not into leather , good news as you can get them from £8 !!

So here are the alternatives... £42 find HERE

Topshop £45 find HERE


Some without leather elements :

Havaianas £24.99 find it HERE

ASOS.COM £8 find it HERE

Now Lets see how celebs are styling these beauties 

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